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Intersection (Clients from different recipient folders)


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I am having an issue about sending emails to only those clients that are added to subscription services. Since I may have the same client at different recipient folders, I want to exclude her/him entirely from my deliveries if she/he did, within a recipient folder, have opted out from subscription services.

08-07-2019 4-12-47 PM.png

08-07-2019 4-24-22 PM.png

I know that usually subscription services are connected to a client ID and not email for example. Therefore, if I have the same client in different folders, the same client will have a different ID in each one. How can I reconcile the data to only consider, from the results of these two queries, the same client (by email) that appears on both subscription lists for the two folders it appears?

Thank you in advance for your support.


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Use intersection activity with 'selection of columns' keyed on email field.




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Try to use exclusion its better on field @email