Get Rewarded! Announcing the Top User for May 2019



Hi all,

As previously announced, we'll be rewarding a top user with an Amazon gift card on each community forum, the Adobe Campaign Standard and the Adobe Campaign Classic​ forums, every single month!

You can easily become a top user and win every month simply by posting on the community and answering some questions by other community member friends. While we hope this token of appreciation motivates you to giveback to other members, we do hope that you already enjoy helping other community friends with their queries as this helps us build a better product for you. We're also always open to new ideas for Campaign Classic, and can't wait to hear from you.

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 3.32.05 PM.png

Without further ado, the top user in the Adobe Campaign Classic forums for the month of May 2019 is... Jean-Serge Biron.

Congratulations and a big thanks to Jean-Serge for being an amazing and helpful community member to others on the Campaign Classic forums.

Now go answer some questions, and be helpful and kind to other members on this community and perhaps YOU could be a winner next month!

Keep Campaigning,

Pablo Rosero, Community Manager






Hi Adobe team and Pablo,

I am very happy to try to help Adobe Campaign users through this community, and I really don't do that for such reward; however it is a pleasure and a pride to be rewarded!
Many thanks again!

Best Regards