First steps with Adobe Campaign Classic - v6/v7? Key concepts



** Please see About Adobe Campaign Classic **

You are new to Adobe Campaign and would like to know how to start using it? This topic is made for you. Let's have a look on the first things you need to know to use Campaign's core features.

  • Channels - design and send deliveries on various channels: email, SMS, Line, mobile app, direct mail,
  • Campaign - orchestrate cross-channel campaigns,
  • MRM - manage marketing resources and budgets,
  • Interaction - managing offers with Campaign,
  • Message Center - send transactional messages by email, SMS or on mobile app,
  • Social Marketing - communicate on social media: Facebook, Twitter,
  • Workflow / Data Management - automate processes and manage data with workflows,
  • Web applications - create web pages and forms,
  • Survey Manager - create online surveys and polls,
  • Content Manager - manage email content,
  • Distributed Marketing - coordinate campaigns for central/local agencies,
  • Response Manager - manage customer response,
  • Connectors - use connectors to communicate with external solutions and database engines,
  • Web Services - use Campaign through APIs/Web Services,
  • Reporting - access built-in reports, analyze data and design your own reports.

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Hi Febin,

The difference is in on what you want to get done and what works best for your company.

Do you want to host it on your own servers (Classic) or do you want Adobe to host it for you (Standard)?

There are other differences you should consider too looking through the documentation links available here:






Hello Pablo,

Is there any resource blog/video where I can read about building a triggered workflow? For example when someone subscribes or joins a list, they start to receive automated edms? Thanks!