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Error while connecting to MS Dynamics CRM


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We are trying to import data from MS Dynamics CRM, using Microsoft CRM activity in the workflow. However it gets stuck up with following errors. Any clue as what is missing here...




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Hi adityaa24840389​,

These are not really errors but Warnings. While Errors are in red crosses, Warnings are triangles or rectangles with an 'i' in between.

'Internal Server Error' is attributed to a temporary error, mostly network connection issue.

Is the setup with Microsoft CRM fine, has it ever worked before.


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Hi Garima,

It has partially worked before with generic CRM connector activity, where it gave message in logs that 4 records were fetched, but again those records never turned up in schema.

Tried this MS CRM activity, but this also gives error.

One more hint is, the schema that was created gives following error. May be this is causing the issues.


The schema def is this:

<srcSchema _cs="Order (abc)" created="2018-09-18 09:00:03.712Z" createdBy-id="0" desc="Order"
           entitySchema="xtk:srcSchema" img="xtk:schema.png" label="Order" labelSingular="Order"
           lastModified="2018-09-19 06:56:57.124Z" mappingType="sql" md5="0F9A3DA98160FDEB041C6766CC3692DC"
           modifiedBy-id="0" name="Order" namespace="abc" xtkschema="xtk:srcSchema">
  <createdBy _cs="hidden id"/>
  <modifiedBy _cs="hidden id"/>

  <element desc="Order" label="Order" labelSingular="Order" name="Order">
    <key internal="true" name="householdId">
      <keyfield xpath="@householdId"/>
    <attribute label="rowId" name="rowId" type="string"/>
    <attribute label="modifiedDate" name="modifiedDate" type="datetime"/>
    <attribute label="changeDate" name="changeDate" type="datetime"/>
    <attribute label="householdId" name="householdId" type="string"/>
    <attribute label="name" name="name" type="string"/>

The query looks for abcorder, is it something related to case sensitive...




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Hi Aditya,

I'm unsure but here's how to integrate Dynamics 365 with Campaign Classic.

Please give it a try by following the steps: How to Integrate Dynamics 365 with Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC)

I hope this works for you!

All the best,