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Recently I've created a new xtk:option folder in Adobe campaign. But what I wanted to do is a new group of options available in that particular folder. But I could see all the existing options are available in the new folder. Now I see the following in Adobe Campaign

- Creating a new option folder will include all the existing options in it

- Will not be able to delete directly in the rich client

- Option is not associated with any folder schema

Now question is:

- Will I be able to delete newly created folder without losing any existing data?

- Any possibilities to group a list of options?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




You are correct -  options are not associated with folders.

- You can safely delete your new options folder without losing the data

- A few different options:

     - Create folders that have restrictions, ie in folder properties set a filter for what is displayed there (you'd have to set up your options in such a way that you can filter into your groups)

     - Extend the xtk:option schema to add support for folders. Never tried it for options specifically, but should be doable.



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