XTK-170024 The temporary 'temp:notification2' schema is not defined in the current context



Hi Team,

Hi Team,


i am downloading a file from sftp and loading into Adobe (data load activity) and sending the emails to only those address using external file mapping in delivery template. Every node i have created from scratch.

Emails are going fine and everything is looking fine but in the logs and also on the delivery activity i am getting this error : "temp:notification2"





There is a javascript code which ties delivery to workflow and campaign as it's getting issues with this js, i have commented out. (maybe this is the reason of error i don't know) below is the jscode which i commented: 




i dont know where this "onAfterCall()" function is called in the whole workflow it has function defination but i can't find the call where it is made. Really don't know if this is the issue or not. emails are working fine but the execution is stopping at continous delivery component throwing this error. 



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi , 


Error is coming from Notification activity. Try to check which technical delivery template is used with notification activity in this workflow and check does this user which running the workflow have write access or not. 




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