Write tables in JavaScript at run-time



Hi all,

We are trying to do the following and I wonder if we are thinking this correctly.

1) Add a Javascript code on the email body of a Delivery

2) During run-time the JavaScript code selects a random content version to display

3) During run-time the Javascript saves the content version together with the respective user in an Adobe Campaign table

Is this something possible? Do you have any performance concerns if the Delivery is a bulk campaign for millions of subscribers?

The table we are appending to could get large, do you have any recommended limit for your tables?

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Hi Florent,

I could be wrong, but can't we have server-side Javascript run?

My understanding is that this is possible.

If we have server-side JS, this would mean that no JS will actually appear on the client side.




I think it's not recommended to use scripts in the body of an email for several reasons, the main one being that some email clients don't process it correctly, which may impact hugely your deliverability.

I'm not sure what you are saying is possible but it should be not too far from what's described here: https://docs.campaign.adobe.com/doc/AC/en/DLV_Content_management_About_content_management.html

Hope this helps,