Workflow execution account



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I need to change execution account for all of the workflows available in my instance. How can I acheive this?


Query -->. select all workflow

Update data activity --> Could you please guide what attribute I need to call upon to Update the 'execution account of the workflow'


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Workflow execution account

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @Partha18,

You can do so by changing the operator id assigned to the workflow in the xtk:workflowLogin schema. This is applicable if your workflows are scheduled and already in a running state.


If you don't see all your workflows here, then you can do as follows:

Query -->. select all workflow. Next, in a javascript activity, loop through those workflow ids returned in the previous query activity and do the following in the for loop

xtk.workflow.SetLogin(<<workflow-id or internalName>>,<<Login of the operator or empty string as you wish>>);

More details here:



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