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We have Workflow process and one of the admin left the team. 

We disabled his account and guess what we received error above and workflow execution is stop or it did not moved ahead. 


The Error we received is from Audit log :- 

XSV-350012 Invalid Login or password. Connection Denied. 

Unable to connect with login 'abcdef' Make sure the login is correct and account is not disabled. if you wish to stop the workflow use unconditional loop. 


I have searched for xml definition file for user id listed in error and didnt find anything. I have also looked at alert activities and didnt see anything that mention about specific user. 


My understanding was workflows are independent of users and as xml defination for workflow does not have that user so that confirms the activities listed does not have users listed specifically to authenticate. User listed is part of administrator group just as more information.  I have checked all alert activities as well and didnt find any reference. 




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Prasanna,


If you disable any account then any workflow started by that account will be error-ed out.


So it is always good to check what all workflows any operator has started before disabling it.


The solution is to just force stop(unconditional stop) the workflow and start it again with another admin operator.

Hope this helps.

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Answers (2)




Hello @Prasanna_Soni ,

You can check the owner of the workflow in the workflow Login table. Just update the workflow owner in that table or try restarting the workflow yourself.

It should work.