WKF-560061- Segment is not onboarded and cannot be syncronized



Hi everyone,

I've followed the instructions step by step as provided by Adobe: https://helpx.adobe.com/marketing-cloud/how-to/aam-campaign.html ...I am trying to update a recipients segment via Campaign.

The instructions seem pretty simple (step 11)....query the recipient table, find who you want, use the update segment activity, and I am receiving the following message: "WKF-560061- Segment is not onboarded and cannot be syncronized"

- I've created the segment (through AC), it appears when i search for it, and its been synced with AAM

- The data source connections are correct

- population is greater than zero

any thoughts?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Steve,

Looked on my end and can't say we've ever seen that particular error before in Support.  It likely requires further investigation, so I'd recommend reaching out to Adobe Campaign Support and we'll be happy to dig in.



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