WKF-560017 You need to define keys for reconciling the records in the tables of the various inbound events.



I'm trying to load a file with set of unique ID's to match to the same ID already in the database to pull those selected records into a mail file delivery down the road. I have a file load activity that works fine and then the Intersection activity to pull from the database and match against the file load and I'm getting this error and I'm not clear what do about it. It sounds like a simple error, but don't know what I'm supposed to do to resolve it. I've done this same process a million times with other workflows and never had this issue. The only thing I changed here was the ID they used in the driver file was a different ID than usual. 


Annotation 2020-01-30 220956.pngAnnotation 2020-01-30 220958.pngAnnotation 2020-01-30 220959.png

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