Will JDK and Adobe campaign gets affected if uninstalled JMC?





When I installed JDK 1.8 in my application server, JMC also got installed automatically. But as JMC is licensed and need purchased my client wants JMC to be uninstalled. But before uninstalling, I just want to be sure that uninstalling a property or feature from JDK doesnot disturbs the system and doesnot affects Adobe campaign classic.

Also, need steps to uninstall JMC from the system.


Please help.



Sonika Dutta



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Accepted Solutions (1)




You are not in breach of any licencing agreements if you don't use it.I would just leave it there.

However if you must uninstall it and if this is a live production server, I would just take an image before you uninstall/remove it. That way you can always restore the system back to exactly the way it was before you tried the uninstall.

Uninstall steps will be dependant on what OS you installed it on. JMC standalone you don't actually install so you can just delete the folder it lives in.

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