Will changes of the personalization blocks affect the live campaign?



Hi all,

I'm now having a campaign set up in the "Message Center" using the real-time data type (NmsRtEvent).

My question is:

If referencing a personalization block in the HTML source of the campaign delivery template,


When I make code changes to the personalization block, will the change be applied to the live message immediately?

Or, would the changes only take place when I hit the "publish" button on the dashboard?


If the personalization changes will only work after I published it via the button on the dashboard. Does that mean the live campaign is sending my customers the message based on a mirror file but not based on the real personalization/delivery template?

If so, where does the Adobe Campaign system hold the mirror file (actual live code) before publishing?

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Message Center is a transactional messaging product packaged as a Campaign module, which functions in 2 modes: as a single 'control' installed on an existing marketing instance, and as one or more new dedicated 'execution' instances. Each instance has its own db and functions independently, with the execution instances potentially hosting multiple web/smtp servers (1:4 is a good ratio of db:server). The control instance publishes delivery templates and their supporting objects, e.g. typologies, to the execution instances, which then answer soap calls and send out messages using the templates and info from the calls. Periodically the control downloads delivery/tracking log data from the exec instances. Code is contained in nms:messageCenter.js, which can be modified to add functionality in unusual cases. The exec instances are otherwise normal Campaign instances and run maintenance workflows, etc.



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Thank you for the reply, Wodnicki!

I have very limited knowledge to the Message Center feature. Could I ask one more stupid question?

Q: Do you know where does the Adobe Campaign hold the actual live code? Is there any place could I find the live code?

In other words, once we published a transactional message template, where does Adobe save the published code? In a workflow?



Hi Alger,

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