When could a Workflow be started?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



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A workflow can be started from all these states Finished , Being edited or Paused status. If the workflow was paused, it is resumed, otherwise the workflow is started from the beginning and the initial activities are activated.You can use the File > Actions menu, or right-click a workflow and select Actions.

Additionally below are the states for which a workflow can be started -

1-State - Start as soon as Possible


In some cases, workflows executed from a campaign do not start when clicking the Start button. Instead of starting, it goes to a "Start as soon as Possible" state.

Solution -

A-Check if the number of campaign processes running on the instance is more than the threshold. There is a limit defined by the NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency option on how many campaign processes can run on the instance in parallel. When this limit is reached, the workflow stays in the "Start as soon as possible" state as long as the number of workflows running is above the limit.To solve this issue, stop unwanted workflows and delete failed deliveries. If the threshold was reached, this will allow the running of new processes.


B-Restart the Campaign jobs workflow. This workflow manages jobs or workflows inside a campaign. If it fails, this will result in workflows to not start / stop. Restart it to resume the running of campaign workflows.


2-State- Start in progress
-If workflows aren't executing and their status is Start in progress , this might mean that the workflow module isn't launched.
To check this and to start the module if necessary, apply the following steps:

Check the wfserver module state in the Monitoring tab, accessible from Campaign Classic homepage (see Monitoring processes ). This process is responsible for running all workflows.An admin user can also check that the wfserver@ <instance> module is launched on your main application server using the command below




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