web Application Issue: Data being captured but not displaying in Recipient folder



Hello Everyone,


I am having an issue with the web application.


Whenever I fill the form the data is being captured and can be seen in my response logs. But when I tried to look into the folder where I configured the records to be stored the same is visible until I configure the list and try to check the data from the joining table.



Recipient table is connected with a custom table I created with the name of "XYZ" for example.


The recipient table has a foreign key of my table(XYZ) and shows connected in the structure just like the link that you can see for the folder in the below picture.





I created a web form to store basic details i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email and One column(XYZ) table, which displays fine when configuring the fields of my form.


After that, I added a storage activity and configured the data to be stored in a folder under Profiles and targets> Recipients > Test Profiles with the reconciliation condition(email) and added the END activity.


I checked the form in the preview mode(Enable Debug mode: Checked) and added the data asked based on the respective fields.


The form logged the responses perfectly fine.


I went ahead to check the folder where the data should show after being captured and it is showing up fine until I don't add the other column from configure list option.


The moment I add the column to view its data the folder shows empty/blank with no records and the moment I remove it the data added is visible again.


Troubleshooting done so far:

I added other fields in the form from the below list and mapped it to respective fields, which are highlighted below:


After the above process, I configured the list the data is showing fine for these.


The issue happens every time I try to add a field related to my table or the folder highlighted in the first snapshot and both the icons shows that they are related in the same way.


I would really appreciate if any can find a solution or give me a workaround to resolve this at the earliest.





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Accepted Solutions (1)






The column you're adding to your view is causing the view to perform an inner join against a table that doesn't have data in it.

In your web app you need to write this data, alongside the captured recipient data.




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