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Hi All,


i am trying to understand a workflow and I would like to know what startdate and startdate mean in a query.


indeed, the query is built as follow : registrate_date on or  after $datetime(vars/@startdate) in the “Value” tab and 1=2 in the “taken into account if” tab

Thanks in advance for you help,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @Terry25 ,

  • query is selecting records with registered date not older than set in the vars.startdate somewhere in workflow initialization script
  • taken into account is doing what it is saying and when the expression is logical true in this field.. the condition line will be used otherwise it will not be taken into account 🙂

In your case I think it should have been 2==1 which basically means the query will not take into consideration this line as 2 is never equal to 1. And someone just did not want to remove the condition but switched it off temporarily by setting the taken into account part



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Answers (2)




Hi @Terry25 ,


almost every node, in Advanced tab has field called Comment (bottom).

Put some hint words there in order to help someone else who will try to understand the same in the workflow in . That is the nice practice where there is a lot of the code or something not enough logical. If you are struggling now, ensure that no one again lose the time there 😀






Hello @Terry25 

Whoever built this workflow created some variables and now using those variables to use their values in query.

windowStart is the variable name which is being used in query activity. Look for any javascript code in the workflow to find the value of that variable.