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I am trying to create a custom Unsubscription page. I duplicated the out of the box WebApp and tried customizing it.

However I am not able to find out how do I remove the default 'Validate' button or how do I customize it.

Also, if I have my own button then what action should I script it to move to the next page?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi All,

@pablo.rosero So figured this out as well:

1) Use the normal Page component instead of Page (v5 compatibility). The latter one comes as part of the OOTB, so please take a note

2) If you must use Page (v5 compatibility) then uncheck the checkbox "Disable next page". This will remove the "Validate" button3) I would recommend (and also being told by an expert), write a fresh Optout Web App, with a similar flow to the OOTB one

4) Ensure that you have selected the proper Form Rendering template to get the write Look and Feel

Hope this helps.

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Answers (6)



We figured out the following solution.

  • Disable 'validate' button, by checking the checkbox "Disable next page"
  • Next, add the new container to the field and create a new static element called 'HTML'
  • Add following as the source code for HTML element

        <button type="submit" form="form1" value="Submit" onclick="return document.controller.submit('submit');">Submit</button>

  • the onclick event is the same as that from the 'validate' button, so it redirects to the same next page as 'validate' button.

Hope this helps..





So basically I want to do an "opt out" for the customer. I was looking at Unsubscription of Newsletter but that I realized is different.

I used the out of the box unsub web application and it worked for the opt out.

However the only issue right now is the "Validate" button which does not go away if I use the "Page (v5 Compatibility) component.

I tried looking up for an entire week now however not successful




Thanks for your response.

I am using ACC.

I tried many different options. Also tried creating a separate webApp. However the only way I could do away with the "Validate" button is by using a new "Page" component. I think there is some issue with the "Page (v5 compatibility).

I am still working on it. Now I am also stuck at what value to pass in the first parameter for the unsubscribe function. i.e.: nms.subscription.Unsubscribe(ctx.vars.service, ctx.recipient).

For Unsubscribing from the Email service, if I am able to find out the value to be passed in ctx.vars.service then I think I may be able to resolve the button issue as well.

Hoping to get some clue here.



Hello Rohank,

You need to use the internal name of your service (nms:service) for this parameter.

For exemple: nms.subscription.Unsubscribe("prfrNewsletter_VPM", ctx.recipient.@id);




Hello !

Which version of Campaign are you using ?

On ACS, you can modify the HTML source and don't forget:

<a href="#" data-nl-type="action" data-nl-action="next" id="HtmlPage_htmlPage.button">Unsubscribe me</a></div>

On ACC, you need to modify the design template in the properties :1592940_pastedImage_2.png

I think that you can't configure it from the native window.