Use current campaign name in typology rule



Hello everyone,

currently I am trying to create a typology rule which makes sure that a recipient does not get the same Email-campaign twice.

It seems that I have to use JavaScript to retrieve the campaign name from where the delivery is startet.

I thought maybe something like this could work:

// Define campaign name of current workflow where delivery is located.

function currentCampaignName(){

// Get primary key from workflow.

  var workflowID =;

  var tmpCon = application.getConnection();

  var internalName = tmpCon.query("SELECT O1.sInternalName FROM XtkWorkflow W0 JOIN NmsOperation O1 ON (O1.iOperationId = W0.iOperationId) WHERE W0.iWorkflowId = $(l)",workflowID);

  for each(var row in internalName)

    var campaignName = row[0];

  return campaignName;


// Exclude recipients which got the defined campaign within last 60 days.

function excludeRecipients (){

  var tmpCon = application.getConnection();

  var campaignName_compare = currentCampaignName();

  // Select all delivery logs of recipient from current campaign.

  var broadLog_array = tmpCon.query("SELECT COUNT(B0.iBroadLogId) FROM NmsBroadLogRcp B0 JOIN NmsDelivery D1 ON (D1.iDeliveryId = B0.iDeliveryId) JOIN NmsOperation O2 ON (O2.iOperationId = D1.iOperationId) WHERE O2.sInternalName = $(sz)", campaignName_compare);

for each(var row in broadLog_array)

     var countBroadLog = row[0];

     if(countBroadLog > 0) {

       return false;

     } else {

       return true;



return excludeRecipients();

It works if I put it within a JavaScript component of a workflow but within a typologie rule I get the following error:


Since "instance" is apparently not available within a delivery what should I use instead to get the campaign name?

Or do you have a better solution at hand?



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Accepted Solutions (1)





You can write query condition in typology rule to get campaign name:

var query= xtk.queryDef.create(

                 <queryDef schema="nms:delivery" operation="get">

                   <select >

                  <node expr="[operation/@internalName]" alias="@campaignName" />



                  <condition expr={"@id=" +}/>


                 </queryDef> )

var campaignName= query.ExecuteQuery().@campaignName.toString();


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Answers (2)




You can just add a split activity that will look at delivery logs for the specific delivery code. if the delivery code exists then exclude the audience else you can send them the communication.





Hi Manoj,

I would definitely use that if it would be only me but I need something simple for our campaign managers - something which happens in the background and they don't have to think about.

I'll try the JavaScript code next.

Thanks for your help!