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I am checking some results on the URL and clicks reports and tracking indicators reports for one of my campaigns and the numbers seem to be inconsistent.

63,264  is the number of distinct clicks I am getting from the URL and click reports. Screenshot attached:


56, 725 is the number I am getting from the tracking indicators report.


At first I thought the URL and click reports might not be distinct click but cumulated clicks but I did a test with myself by clicking several times on an email link and updating the tracking logs to check on the report and the result was being 1 click only.

Could you please shed some light on why this discrepancy is happening and what does it mean on each case?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




In the Tracking Indicators report,

Recipient clicks: Is the Number of distinct targeted recipients who clicked in the same delivery at least once, i.e, it is the Distrinct count of the @broadLog-Ids with a URL type that equal “email click”

Where as in the URL and Click streams, it displays the cumulated clicks by recipients per link.

For example, in my test delivery below, I have clicked on the link www.adobe.com, when received in email or clicked through the mirror page many time, and see the report below  –


Whereas in the Tracking Indicator, you can see that I have clicked on the email received by 2 different distinct recipients –


You can find more details on these reporting in the below link -

Delivery reports



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Answers (1)



Thanks Mamtha. I did send a test to myself and check both reports but the URL's and clicks report did not seem to update even if I run the tracking logs to update. It is just showing now.

All clear and understood, cheers for your explanation!