Upgrade on hybrid model -- What sequence we should Upgrade -- WEB / App and what steps are specific to env



Hello Experts, 


I am following below steps 



We have Web Server and App server , a Typical hybrid model hosted on our premises and MTA we use from Adobe. 

Adobe MTA upgreded to 9032.10 , and I updated app server to 9032.10 

below are steps :- 

1. Shutdown all services on app and Web 

2. copy software to App server 

3. Sudo to root and run "rpm --nodeps -Uvh nlserver6-v7-9032-x86_64_rh7.rpm"

4. Start Apache and Neolane on App server 

5. run nlserver config -postupgrade -allinstances   -- This updated many database tables and schemas 😞


Now when I took a look at Web server, It also has same entire adobe campaign installation. as above documentation is not clear can I go ahead and re-run above all steps in Web server too ncluding step number 5 postupgrade ? As database is already updated , I am not sure if it will impact bad or it will still be okay ? 


I am ready to take risk and run all steps again on web but at the same time not sure about impact ? 


Can someone who did this before can help what sequence you followed and lessons learned ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)






No need to run step 5 again unless it's for a different instance, e.g. dev vs prod.

Properly written upgrade should be idempotent either way.


Things to watch out for on upgrades:

  • New security features breaking existing processes
  • Form changes being overwritten
  • Changes to things that were not supposed to be changed being overwritten: ootb jssp's, js, schemas, etc.
  • Very old software using nl5/ path on disk being changed to nl6


As always, take a backup before altering production db.