Upgrade is completed from build 8896 to 9032 but it still shows old build 8896 instead of 9032 in Platform - options



Upgrade is completed from build 8896 to 9032 but it still shows old build 8896 instead of 9032

Administration - Platform – Options – Last Upgrade – Still pointing to old build 8896 (Screenshot attached)



Though the Help-About Section from client console shows the correct version 9032 for server/client.


Below are the steps which i did to resolve the issue but still the issue persists.

1.Cleared the hard cache and soft cache for the user account doing the upgrade from the server

2.Rebooted the app server and restart IIS and Adobe campaign services

3.I tried running the database upgrade with -force option but it didn’t help.


Posting warnings and errors during the database update from instance -

17:52:35 >>  Warning! Continuous delivery detected in workflow id: 14986929 internalName: (instancename)_WKF387 label: Delivery Log Test template of delivery will be updated for security reason

17:52:35 >>  template delivery id: 14984021 tsLastModified updated

17:52:35 >>> WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SELECT   W0.iWorkflowId, W0.sInternalName, W0.sLabel, W0.sDesc, W0.iCreatedById, W0.iModifiedById, W0.tsCreated, W0.tsLastModified, W0.iSupervisorId, W0.sTimezone, W0.iInProcess, W0.iHistory, W0.iOnError, W0.iErrorLimit, W0.iBuiltIn, W0.iIsModel, W0.sForm, W0.iFolderId, W0.iFolderProcessId, W0.tsLastStart, W0.tsNextProcessing, W0.sNextProcessingAfn, W0.sNextProcessingHost, W0.iStatus, W0.iProduction, W0.iFailed, W0.iUnlockedCount, W0.iState, W0.tsProcess, W0.iProcessId, W0.sHostname, W0.iPort, W0.iOperationId, W0.iStartState, W0.iPriority, W0.iForecasted, W0.sLogin, W0.iRoutingOperationId, W0.iAggregateId, W0.iOrder, W0.tsExpiration, W0.iRecurrentMdl, O1.iOperatorId, O2.iOperatorId, O3.iOperatorId, F4.iFolderId, F5.iFolderId, O6.iOperationId, O7.iOperationId, O8.iOlapAggregateId, W0.mData, W0.mVisualState FROM XtkWorkflow W0 JOIN XtkOperator O1 ON (O1.iOperatorId = W0.iCreatedById) JOIN XtkOperator O2 ON (O2.iOperatorId = W0.iModifiedById) JOIN XtkOperator O3 ON (O3.iOperatorId = W0.iSupervisorId) JOIN XtkFolder F4 ON (F4.iFolderId = W0.iFolderId) JOIN XtkFolder F5 ON (F5.iFolderId = W0.iFolderProcessId) JOIN NmsOperation O6 ON (O6.iOperationId = W0.iOperationId) JOIN NmsOperation O7 ON (O7.iOperationId = W0.iRoutingOperationId) JOIN XtkOlapAggregate O8 ON (O8.iOlapAggregateId = W0.iAggregateId) WHERE (W0.iWorkflowId = :1)' could not be executed.

  Param(0)=17303419 (iRc=-2003)

17:52:35 >>> WDB-200011 The requested database record does not exist. (iRc=-2003)

17:52:35 >>> Unable to load document of type 'Workflows (xtk:workflow)' because link 'modifiedBy' with condition '@id = 4218895' not found in the database. (iRc=-53)

17:52:35 >>> SOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'ExecuteQuery' of service 'xtk:queryDef'. (iRc=-53)

17:52:35 >>> SCR-160012 Javascript: error while evaluating script 'inline'. (iRc=-53)

17:52:35 >>> XSV-350063 No data source defined in the instance 'default'. Make sure the DNS alias used to access the server is correct (for example, avoid hard-coded IP addresses). (iRc=16384)

17:52:35 >>> CFG-600010 Document update job stopped after an error (iRc=-53)

17:52:35 >   CFG-600021 default instance, no warning during update.

Adobe Campaign Classic build Upgrade

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I faced similar problem and yes you will need to resolve the error with ">>>" arrows and once done you can rerun 

additionally try below command .Please note you can try from Web server as well . It need not to be run only from app server , that might solve your problem as behind database is same. Assuming its hybrid model 


nlserver config -postupgrade -allinstances






Hello Abhilash,


I think the option does not show the correct build is because the postupgrade process ran into an error.

The postupgrade does the schema updates one by one and it's gets stopped at xtk:workflow and hence is not able to complete as the xtk:option table is not updated.


You should resolve the error related to xtk:workflow where it's complaining about a missing modified by ID . If you look into the workflow table and find out the foreign key for modified-id , and filter out the results using the ID given in the error . I would assume that some user in the past would have modified one / few workflows which no longer exist.


So to solve the problem you should either update the workflow table with the foreign key link for modified-id with an user id which exist or delete the workflows that are not needed and then perform the postupgrade -force again.






Hello @_Manoj_Kumar , The value should be showing the latest Upgrade build as it correctly shows in other environment except this one. The document referred assumes that let say for instance the environment going forward needs to be upgraded to build 9035 for which the last upgrade value should be pointing to 9032 and not any version prior to that.