Updating enumeration definition across environments




I am trying to find a way to update enumerations (and it's values) across different environments. The main problem for us is when values are deleted from the package definition, they are not deleted from the environment where the package is imported. Adding new values is not a problem.

I would like to add a script in the package it self with an installScript tag in the xml, but I am not sure if the package being imported is available in the installScript-context? The name of the entity would be enough to solve my problem. I have tried to investigate which variables that are available


Another approach would be to delete all enumeration values, prior to importing the package. But I would like to avoid that approach since this would cause the enumValue-counter to increase quickly.

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Delete before importing and reset the counter accordingly.

Alternatively, use a periodic workflow to manage enumeration sync with a central file location or db.