Unpivot Data From a File Load Activity



Hi All -


I am creating a workflow that I hope will be able to map one file layout to another. I am making plenty of progress, but I have hit one sticking point.


The inbound data format is something like:

Person IDFavorite FoodFavorite ColorFavorite Drink


Ideally, I would like to be able to emulate the "Unpivot Columns" function in Excel Power Query to un-pivot the data so it reads more like

Person IDAttributeValue
AFavorite FoodChicken
AFavorite ColorRed
AFavorite DrinkWater
BFavorite FoodVeggies
BFavorite ColorBlue
BFavorite DrinkSoda

If this data were already in the Adobe DB in separate tables (ex. individual, individual-surveys, and surveys), I could use an enrichment activity with a one-to-many link between the tables to load out the rows.


However, I am curious if this is something that could be done with an activity entirely within a workflow.


Anyone have any good tricks for this?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @roberts60640699 

There is no Out of the box functionality to do the mentioned. But you can run any SQL query you want by JSAPI sqlExec() where you can "unpivot"



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