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Hello! I have created a simple webapp with a page and an file upload field. But upon selecting a file and then clicking on the upload button, it will always get stuck on the upload step.


When I checked on the network tab of Chrome to see what could be the error, the response from /nl/jsp/uploadFile.jsp is always  "Error during authentication". What could be the issue and how do I solve this? I have also tried both anonymous and restricted access. With restricted access, on the login page I will always get the error that my IP address is not allowed access even though it has been whitelisted. Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Justin,

Can you check with your internal team to whitelist your IP address to upload the files in webapp as it is an issue with the proxy settings.

See this answer. Hope it helps

How to Upload a file using Webapp Adobe Campaign?



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Answers (3)



This functionality only works with Authenticated web apps and not on Landing pages with Anonymous access.

Behind the scene is called uploadFile.jsp which does not process the request if the user is anonymous (unauthenticated) and hence the page gets stucked.