Unable to Login to Adobe Client Console



Hi Team,


We had recently observed an issue while trying to login to one of our production environments. PFB screenshot for the same.



The error got resolved post appending port number to the URL. However, I have been using the environment since a long time without the port number in the instance url.


Could anybody please help me understand what might have caused this change and why has the port number become a mandatory parameter in my instance URL now ?


I would also like to mention that this issue was observed only on one of my production instance. I am able to access the other instance without appending the port number in the instance URL.




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Accepted Solutions (1)





Default port when making html call is 80, if that is changed you have to provide the port number on the instance url.

Let's say you are using windows IIS for redirection, default site in IIS will have 80. If you are using the default site for campaign redirection, you can access instance without port, else you have to provide the port that is used on that site.

Check if your redirection config might have recently changed by some one.



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