Typology rule to suppress HH's based on personalization data




I am trying to create a typology rule that would filter out HH's based on their personalization / targetData in the current delivery, e.g.:

The HH has been targeted in a campaign to receive a specific product, we want to prevent that HH from receiving the email.The product information is available as part of the targetData and is also part of our custom broadLogRcp schema. Something like `if (targetData.product = 'XXX') {suppress HH}`

This I have tried:

- Creating a Filtering rule. I believe this would have a lookback effect, i.e. once a customer has been targeted with this particular product they would be ineligible for all emails moving forward, I only want the rule to suppress the HH's within the same delivery in which the HH is targeted.

- Creating a Control rule. Is there a way to access the current broadLogRcp object (similar to delivery.content) or the targetData object?

It is ok if the solution required stopping the entire delivery instead of just suppressing the HH. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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