Tracking the spam messages in delivery logs




Is there any field in the recipient tracking log/ delivery log/ broad log which provides the information that whether the delivery sent is spammed or not?

​Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Muralipraveen,

If you want to pull this information, you'll need to pull data from two tables.  The first is the Recipient Delivery Logs (broadLogRcp), this will give you the delivery, recipient, and status.  From there you can link to the Delivery-message qualification (broadLogMsg), which contains the specifics of delivery failures such as failure type, reason, and text.

Then it depends on exactly what you mean by a delivery being spammed or not.  If you mean whether or not a recipient flags it as spam, you should be able to search on the "Reason (@failureReason)" for "Blacklisted address" and "Text (@text)" that contains "Inbound email bounce" which indicates that the recipient physically clicked the spam button in their email client.

If you are talking about email domains flagging a delivery or IP as spam, then you can repeat the steps above but only search on "Failure Type (@failureTpe)" of "Hard" and the "Text (@text)" that contains "spam".

Hope that helps,


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