Tracking Tech Workflow error



On ACC V7, I see an error on the technical workflow for tracking.

09/06/2019 4:00:06 AM    nlmodule    WDB-200011 The requested database record does not exist.

09/06/2019 4:00:06 AM    nlmodule    WDB-200001 SQL statement 'SELECT iDeliveryId FROM NmsBroadLogRcp WHERE iBroadLogId=:#(1)#' could not be executed.   Param(0)=1390003

09/06/2019 4:00:03 AM    nlmodule    Application server for Adobe Campaign Classic (7.0 18.10 build 8978@5834546) of 12/06/2018

09/06/2019 4:00:03 AM        Workflow 'tracking' is being run

From the error, it looks like the tracking workflow is looking for a iBroadlogid = 1390003, which is non existing in nmsBroadlogRCP. Wonder how could this mismatch occur and how to rectify the same.

Please share any thoughts.



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