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How can I track a phone number with UTM parameters?

<a href="tel:18001234567">Call Me</a>

I tried adding ?utm_content=bannerctc like so:

<a href="tel:18001234567?utm_content=bannerctc">Call Me</a>

But this just converts the letters into numbers so it tries to call: 18001234567?886_2668368=754332

Here is the catch. I'd like to fix this without any javascript or PHP, our CMS platform is crap and is blocking us from using Js or any other programming languages.

I thought of using a redirect as a "middle man" so from the click to call link send users to a bitly url that redirects people to the phone number but I am not sure that would work...

Any help, please?


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Accepted Solutions (1)






Redirect and JS event will both work here.

Query strings are an HTTP thing.




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Answers (2)



I don't think you will be able to track this type of link. Tel: prefixes are intercepted by the system and redirected to an internal system handler, which on mobiles is the phone application. Since its not an actual valid URL you wont be able to redirect using shorteners.

There are ways to track Tel: numbers on websites, but you wont be able to do this in emails.