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I have always thought that mailto links are not able to be tracked, but I have had someone recently tell me that it isn't true, but cannot tell me how to do it.


I have created mailto links in the past, and usually just dropped it into my standard link setup even though I didn't think it mattered:

<a href="" target="_blank" label="Mailto" Title="Mailto">Email Me</a>


I have also gone back into my tracking logs and looked for a source URL that contains mailto with no results showing.

Anyone know of anything different?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @bryceh57660644 ,

Mailto links can be tracked on the webpages by using onclick javascript function.

<a href="" conclick="trackingFunction()" target="_blank" label="Mailto" Title="Mailto">Email Me</a>

But they cannot be tracked emails because they don't support javascript and isp will reject the JS content. 

The only possible way i could think is to dynamically add the content in the email so that the pixel will fire in the compose tab.
Something like this:

<a href=" ADD PIXEL HERE"></a>

I am not sure if this will work But that is the only way i can think to make it work in emails only js supported clients.

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