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Hello all,

We will be uppgrading our Adobe Campaign Classic now, and I was curious about which tests you have run to verify that the system is working as it was pre-upgrade. 


Thank you all very much for your help,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @EllyL

find a Build Upgrade Checklist for Campaign Classic file on this link.

However, you should extend this with a lot of others/smaller checks (public resources upload, login via IMS...)



Thank you!
The list of suggested tests at the link I pasted below was very helpful: What types of tests are performed on my system after the upgrade? Cloud Messaging Server post-Upgrade checklist: Send a test delivery Validate the delivery logs are correct and related workflow shows a successful delivery Validate the tracking logs are updated with successful delivery Validate mirror page and tracking links show opens and clicks Confirm all technical workflows are in started state Verify all process are active as well Marketing server post upgrade checklist: Can you login to the server? Check Client Console is working without any error/warning popups Make sure to use the same console version as build version after upgrade Do you have any web applications that insert data into the Campaign Database? If so, run them and verify that they can insert new records through API Can you send out a test email successfully? Create new delivery using a known template, send it to one test recipient, verify personalization, unsub link, mirror page all work. Are all of your recent deliveries reported correctly in your delivery reporting? Open delivery reporting – select a recent delivery with well-known success metrics, verify that they are correct. Are all of your critical path workflows running? Check workflows, open up workflow journal, verify that there are no errors. Are all of your folders present, visible, and accessible? Browse through different folders and verify that all content is displayed and present. Are your deliveries coming through with the correct time zone? Verify the creation date and modification date with the timestamp and time zone Verify that the execution of scheduler works in a workflow on the specified time Fetch list of workflows which are in PAUSED and FAILED state. Start and monitor them Run AB Testing for one scenario What type of test do I have to carry out after my upgrade? Development and stage environments are either upgraded in sequence or together but a sign-off is needed before upgrading the production instance. This allows each customer to conduct thorough testing before signing off on any changes to production. See list above for Adobe’s post upgrade checklist. Customers should run similar tests as well as others they may need for the environment.

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Answers (1)



As a part of upgrade i will definatly do following testing 


1. Look for all process are running on server . For Apache :- ps -ef | grep apache and For Neolane :- ps -ef | grep neolane

2. login to app server and run "nlserver pdump" and verify that all processes are running as exptected. 

3. once its up and running login to console using http://servername:8080  and https://servername:443 . This test is require to ensure http and https b...

4. once login go to external account and validate all external accounts are still working as expected 

5. Go to administration and production and check all workflows and ensure none are in paused state. 

6. now you can say initial infra validation is complete and its time to validate the business , email , sms , delivery , query , workflow etc. 


Above steps are written with experience and all learnings. hope it help.