Survey (Web Applications) - Unable to read responses through Survey response activity




I am not using recipient schema. I have a custom table with customer data and my target mapping is created on that table and the survey table created using target maping is 'yyy:webAppLogxxx'. I have added custom fields in this schema.

I have created a survey with document as 'custom table' and library as 'yyy:webAppLogxxx'. Survey page is standard page activity, not V5 page.

I am able to take response from customer and it is getting stored in 'yyy:webAppLogxxx' table but I am not able to see it in response tab of the survey.

Also, when I want to read the responses using 'Survey responses' activity, it is resulting me zero records.

Can someone please help me in getting the responses selected using Survey response activity ?Vipul RaghavAdhiyanAmit_Kumar​@

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Accepted Solutions (1)





When you are creating survey form and mapping it to custom table, you need to save same in your 'Webform Properties'.


Have you changed Storage library to one where you are storing your response.

You also need to configure Advanced Parameter and select 'Log Response'.

Also, you need to define link to custom schema in 'nms:webApp' form. As in that Responses tab is linked to 'webAppLogRcp' and that might be the reason why you are not able to view in survey responses tab.




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