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Hello everybody,

I have an external website that is running a survey. At the end of this survey, an email should be sent via an interface in Adobe Campaign Classic.

For this purpose, a recipient should be created with the email address
a) receives a delivery via a workflow or
b) Subscribe to a newsletter

What is the best solution to solve the problem?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @gunnark17854189 ,

There are multiple ways to do it.
First you will have to create a API Endpoint on your website which will return the users who have taken the survey.
Then you will create a scheduled workflow in ACC which will run every minute.
In the workflow you will write the code to fetch the data from the API.
Then you will create the recipients with queryDef and you can finally trigger another workflow to send deliveries and subscribe them to existing subscription.






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