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I am trying to setup tests for a customer using SoapUI product as a quick test bench. I am successful in calling the session using the admin account and password to get logged in and it returns the sessionToken and securityToken.  I then try to call ExecuteQuery and with the sessionToken that I received from the prior call.  I can and error:  XTK-170019 Access denied. I saw some posts on security zones but I don't have it on this server, so I couldn't test that.  Does anyone have an idea what is the problem?  This environment is ACC fully hosted.  Here is the soap payload:


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="urn:xtk:queryDef">
<urn:sessiontoken>took it out for security</urn:sessiontoken>
<queryDef operation="select" schema="nms:recipient">
<node expr="@email"/>
<node expr="@lastName"/>
<node expr="@firstName"/>




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Larry,

In addition to the other suggestions here, check your serverConf.xml file to see if the IP being used to make the connection has been whitelisted.  This is what the security zones is used for.  Depending on your version of Campaign, the security zones package should come pre-installed but if it's not, you can make a request to Campaign Support to provide the package which will allow you to manage your whitelistings from within the UI versus having to make the changes to the config.




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Answers (2)




Check if the user you are logging in remotely as has read rights to the actual root Recipient folder on the server.