SMS Delivery error- Retry Pending- Failed Unreachable



Hi All,

We are stuck with where our SMS delivery is not going out and displays the below error in the sms delivery logs.

04/25/2019 11:12:04 AM Failed Unreachable +9********* MTA-#ID# Error in delivery part #ID#: INT-#ID# The HTTP query returned a 'Internal Server Error' type error (500)\ The XML element params must contain an attribute 'endPointSend'.\

The SMS external account config is below-




The SMS delivery is stuck in Retry Pending and we are not sure if the issue is with campaign or the SMPP provider.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)



Hi Jon,

Can you please advise what should be correct selection for the

  1. " Mobile tab-> Mobile channel connector? CLX (SMPP)?"
  2. "connector tab->Activation mode and Access of the url connector values?"

Is there something which I need to get from the vendor?

Thanks a lot in advance!