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Was anyone able to use the simulation module for interaction?

Especially the "calculation" part, in order to be able to add more axes in the report? I add some columns but I do not find them in the reporting part.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @zakariah7187884,


Axes that are used for calculating the simulation, are displayed in the analysis report. Once the simulation is finished, you can analyze its result via the Results tab which is added to the simulation window and the Breakdown of offers by rank report, available via in the simulation dashboard. The simulation results contain a breakdown of propositions per rank and per recipient. Reporting axes are also taken into account and shown in this tab.

You can save these results and export them if necessary by creating a descriptive analysis of results. To do this, click the appropriate link in the result window.

For detailed explanation and steps, you can refer to Simulation tracking .




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