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Hi all,

in order to customize communication between our MobileApp and Adobe Campaign Classic we should update ADBConfig.json file (send an additional parameter in the existing SDK call).

The point is that we don't have access to this file and we are not sure about where this file is stored for Campaign.

I noticed a similar file (ADBMobileConfig.json) is available at Adobe Mobile Services website.

It's not clear to me if we are talking about two different files (one for connection mobileApp -> Analytics and one for connection mobileApp -> Campaign) or is the same?

I was not able to find details about this topic in the documentation (only this post Integrate the Adobe Mobile SDK with a mobile app to receive Adobe Campaign Standard push notificatio... but it's not clear to me if it's applicable to my needs)

Anyone can give me support here?

Thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Isn't Campaign Classic's mobile sdk its own lib independent of AMC's?

What communication is happening between app and Campaign? The sdk is composed only of registerDevice, track, and some setters, all of which are parameterized in their calls.



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