serverConf.xml uploadWhitelist or uploadAllowlist?



Hi all


I noticed something weird, I'm on Adobe Campaign classic server build 9032.


I'm having issues uploading non-standard files (want to upload fonts like *.eot files) but it will error out.

In the web@default log journal I see errors such as: 

  1. 2020-08-31 15:26:16Error exception : Downloaded file '43157417dd8926cc1da5ad304d86620a.eot' is not authorized.


Assuming there was some restriction on the upload file type, from documentation online I see that the attribute is supposed to be uploadAllowlist=".+".

When checking the serverConf.xml on the server, I see that it's set up as uploadWhitelist=".+"


Which one should it be?

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The change that you see in the documentations will soon be applied everywhere else as well in the upcoming builds and releases. Going forward it will be Allowlist and Denylist to be used uniformly across the products and their related resources in Adobe.