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Hi all


I have this requirement  to add a seed list to our main delivery but distribute the seed addresses randomly across the main output.

I have uploaded the seed addresses and added them to the Delivery template, but when I execute the delivery all seeds addresses appeared at the top in the Delivery log window, so I am guessing they were placed at the beginning of the output list. When importing seeds in the email template directly, there is no option to select the insertion order.


So I  tried to import the seed addresses at the Campaign level, through the "Advanced Campaign Parameters" view. In there, I can import the seed addresses and select the insertion order as Random. As per online documentation, adding seed addresses at the campaign level should tell the system to add those seed addresses to every delivery in that campaign, but when I execute the delivery I get no seeds in the final output.


Also, as a side note, I used an pre-existing workflow to upload the seed addresses but then I had to manually update the records to Template = True as the new records were not showing up in any seed selection view (like in the Seeds tab in the Delivery template).


Could someone please advice how to add seeds addresses randomly?





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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Hugo,


If the outcome is deviating from the documentation then I'd recommend reaching out to the Campaign Support team to investigate as this sounds like it could be a bug.




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