Seed Addresses and Quarantine




Is there a way to prevent seed addresses from going into quarantine?

We are using different seed groups between deliveries. sometimes a specific seed address has email but missing a mobile. when using this seed group in SMS deliveries those seeds without mobile are going into quarantine.

If in the future we want to add a mobile number we also need to remember checking if they are quarantined and remove them if they are.

That happens quite a lot since we have a lot of seeds who want to get SMS only on specific occasions.

I tried using typology rules to filter out seed addresses without mobile from SMS channel but the filtering typology seems to work only on recipients.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot,


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Accepted Solutions (1)





You should be able to access seeds with a control-type typology rule, though this is more complicated than a filtering rule- need to figure out where seeds are in the message structure, and filter them in js. For a plan b, your SMS vendor may have valid dummy phone numbers available that can be stubbed in to the seed records- Twilio calls them 'magic phone numbers'.



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