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Hi everyone,


In Adobe Campaign Classic, we have created a custom delivery template with content management forms.

In some cases, it is impossible to fill out all the inputs because they display out of the screen size and no scroll is possible.

See example here:



How would you manage this situation?

(Given that, it is not an option to have the view divided in 2 columns.)


It looks, we're limited by the screen size/resolution here and no scroll button appear..


Thank you for your help,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @roro_coeur ,

There are 2 solutions to this

  • Open delivery on High resolution screen.
  • Instead of adding new fields to Edit Tab. Create another tab and add the fields there.

Recipient form automatically adds a scroll bar when the extra fields are added. I believe the scroll behavior depends on what type of Container frame we are using. 

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