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Hello everyone,

I've got a specific question regarding Message Center in Adobe Campaign Classic. One of our customers would like to restrict the sending of emails through Message Center on his Stage/Sandbox environment. 
No matter what email is used in an API call to the Message Center, the outgoing emails shall all be sent to a specific inbox (e.g. 

Can anyone think of a way to achieve this? Maybe setup a typology rule that overwrites the target email address of the initial API call?


I know it is possible to restrict the email sendout on a ACC sandbox in general, I just have no clue how this can be done 🙂

I would be very thankful for any hints.


Kind regards, Marcel

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Accepted Solutions (1)






I did this one on a non-hosted Message Center setup by redirecting DNS to an MTA that accepted everything (blackbox testing).

For hosted probably easiest way is to alter the nms:messageCenter.js code, nms_rtEvent_PushEvent(), to hardcode the address instead of using the strEmail param.




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Answers (1)