Restricting only EN contacts to receive email in Workflow delivery



Hi all,

we have a workflow which has four different deliveries for four different regions separated by language field. Most of the time team maps wrong contact flow to wrong language delivery.

Is there a way to restrict non-EN contacts from receiving EN emails? by adding scripts in workflow delivery script tab? likewise, for other languages.

We already added splits before email delivery but choosing the correct version for correct split contacts is always a big issue.

Thanks in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





For each language, create:

  • Filtering typology rule stating 'exclude recipients with this language not set'
  • A copy of default typology, with the above rule added
  • A delivery template with the above typology set

Have users use the right template for the right language, as an additional safeguard against error.

NB this is still at the delivery level, afaik there is no way to secure at the recipient level.



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