Restrict data deletion in update Data activity



We have a requirement where users should not be allowed to delete any data from the schema. We have restricted the users with 'Delete data' option in folder properties. But users are still able to delete using query & update data activity in the workflow.


Is there any way to restrict deletion?



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Hello @vkt1989 

Its not a bug its a feature. We have the same setup while on workflow i can remove the entire instance if i please.. but in the explorer i cannot remove a single thing.. maybe its a product related and not the setup itself.


But additional to folder restrictions you might set up the sysfilters on schemas maybe that way the update activity will throw an error

Also you can add another enumeration which is used in update data where you will not add delete.

the used enumeration is in nms:workflow ---> operation type


<enumeration basetype="string" default="insertOrUpdate" name="operationType">
    <value label="Insert or update" name="insertOrUpdate"/>
    <value label="Insert" name="insert"/>
    <value label="Update" name="update"/>
    <value label="Update and merge collections" name="merge"/>
    <value label="Delete" name="delete"/>


Then  in the FORMS you will just feed different enumeration based on rights?


 <input xpath="@operationType"/>
<container type="visibleGroup" visibleIf="GetLinkCardinality([../@schema], @dstExpr)==0 OR @dstExpr=''">
                    <input enum="xtk:workflow:mergeType" label="Merge type" type="sysenum"



Using enableIf