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Hi All,


I have used hard coded path such as: In a workflow, in file collector,I have used folder path to pick from D:\FolderX\QA\xyz\ 


Now, the following changes need to be done:
  1. This path should be in option - folderPath: D:\FolderX\<environmentVariable>\xyz\
  2. QA should be in another option variable, that defines environment i.e, environmentVariable.

I tried with this approach:


By assiigning the option folderPath with this value -> 

D:\FolderX\<%= getOption("environmentVariable") %>\xyz\ 


and called <%= getOption("folderPath") %> in File collector activity. But, it threw error. Maybe the text value is not looking for the script and instead takes as only a text value.


Could you please help me achieve this. 


Thank you,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @anoopa24021992 ,


Use a javascript activity in your workflow and save the value of getOption in that variable and then call the variable where you are calling the getOption.


So in your javascript code, You will write.



and the path variable, you can use this.

D:\FolderX\<%= vars.envVariable %>\xyz\ 


Let me know if that helps.






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