Remove Leading 0 From Mobile#




I am trying to establish our Mobile Channel through Campaign Classic, however our vendor told me that the last remaining issue is that we are sending mobile numbers with a leading 0. This causes the messages to error out in their system.

It appears that the leading zero is added to the recipient field itself and i am unable to remove it from the associated form. I have set up an Extended SMPP External Account and tried using different MT Acknowledgement and Encoding settings per this documentation: SMS connector protocol and settings -- however the leading 0 is not removed from the delivery address.

Is there a different setting in the External Account or something specific to the Recipient field that needs to be updated? What am i missing?

Thank you for your help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




On the schema list, please look for xtk:common.

Now in this schema definition, you would find the code:

<element dataPolicy="phone" desc="Mobile phone number" label="Mobile" length="32"

           name="mobilePhone" type="string"/>

Here, the dataPolicy="phone" is what governs the format of the phone number you might add.

I would recommend that you extend the recipient (or other) schema, and redefine the attribute related to phone number, without the data policy. That would overwrite the OOB definition.

Extend the nms:recipient schema, and create the attribute <attribute desc="xxx" name="mobilePhone" type="string" label="yyy" length="32" dataPolicy="none"/>

This removes the default data policy associated with this attribute. Then you can save the phone number as you want.