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Hi Everyone!

We are currently trying to implement the Refer a friend Use case according to this: Use case: creating a Refer A Friend form

We followed the steps but always get 'technical error' after submitting the form.

We have the following questions regarding the process:

  1. 1. General

Properties: What do you fill in the following fields?

- Document type: ?

- Library: ?

=> We don't have the same view from "storage" as in the Use case (screenshot 1). We get the following options (screenshot 2) & (screenshot 3)

Screenshot 1 (from use case):

Screenshot 2:

Option 1 (Properties => Document type: Recipients; Library: Response to a recipients  form )

Screenshot 3:

Option 2:  (Properties => Document type: visitors; Library: visitors form reponse )

  1. 2.

What does the first line out of the code below mean?

Do we need to customise something besides "APP5"?

  1. ctx.recipient.visitor.@id = xtk.session.GetNewIds(1)
  2. ctx.recipient.visitor.@forwardUrl = "APP5"
  3. ctx.recipient.visitor.@referrerEmail = ctx.recipient.@email
  4. ctx.recipient.visitor.@referrerFirstName = ctx.recipient.@firstName
  5. ctx.recipient.visitor.@referrerLastName = ctx.recipient.@lastName

  1. 3. Do we need to change something from this code? (Besides "referrer"). The unique identifier's name in our Adobe account is "@uniqueAccountId" Do we need to change @id somewhere to this?

// Updtate visitor to have a link to the referrer recipient

  1. ctx.recipient.visitor.@referrerId = ctx.recipient.@id
  2. ctx.recipient.visitor.@xtkschema = "nms:visitor"
  3. ctx.recipient.visitor.@_operation = "update"
  4. ctx.recipient.visitor.@_key = "@id"
  5. xtk.session.Write(ctx.recipient.visitor)

// Send email to friend

  1. nms.delivery.QueueNotification("referrer",




<targetPart type='query' exclusion='false' ignoreDeleteStatus='false'>


<condition expr={'@id IN ('+ ctx.recipient.visitor.@id +')' }/>






Thanks in advance for your help!!

Kind regards,


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Have you succeeded to implement it ? I'm trying to use it but the forwarded mail is never received.

If you have more update on what must be done, it will be very helpfull