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Record count mismatch


Level 2

When exporting Broadlog, sometimes counts mismatch:

The starting data from query of the Broadlog yields, 2,029,962 records, but when we export it as a file, we get 2,029,929 records as seen here, a difference of 33 records:

count mismatch.png

That is because Adobe Campaign counts 'null' values as a row:

null values.png

How can we eliminate the 'null' values prior to extracting the file, so the counts match?

Thank you.

Follow up:

Since Adobe Campaign defaults "null" values to 0 in PKs, I can use a split to filter counts by @id = 0, or, in the case of empty values (which would show as 'null' and then 0, @id is empty.

use split.png

pk not null.png

Any other suggestions?

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