Question on Load balancing in Adobe Campaign Classic



We have ACC on premise and currently we have only 1 server on which we did installations. 

I see another server is prepared and ready but it seems someone from Adobe said my org that ACC does not work 2 servers active. I am sure its absolutely incorrect as app at such a high level cant be running only on one server and if something happens to that server we lost ability to send email notifications. 


I am still gathering the info, but it will be great if you have set up with more than one server, i request to pls help me with your archeture diagram and any special settings you did to make it work. 


Meanwhile I will gather more info why Adobe said it can only work on one server. 


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Answers (1)



Hi Prasanna,


I have no knowledge of the ACC architecture but we were kinda struggling to understand our architecture too.  The only difference is that we are completely hosted and so it's a complete black-box for us. We know we are on the Linux + TomCat + Postgres stack.  We have 1 instance URL (specified in the client console login screen) but I think that links/corresponds to 1 of the 4 servers we have.  We know a little bit about the different components (web, mta, wfserver etc) but don't know how these are spread out across the 4 servers.  We believed there to be a webserver (Apache) that routes requests coming in to different servers but we've been told we have 4 Apache servers, one on each.  It's difficult to comprehend the architecture especially when you're hosted but I'm thinking it'll be nice if you could share your high-level architecture just so we get a gist of how things are set up.