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Hi Team, 


Quick question on FDA connectors in Adobe Campaign, Campaign users are using the FDA connectors to connect to external DB, since the tables they pull are too heavy, app server which is holding the DB are getting slowed down drastically when there is a parallel pull is happening. 


Most of the time, the pull from external DB is done just for testing purpose.  


So what i want to do is restrict the pull or limit the pull from the external DB when the connection is made. But i dont see any option where we can use any limitation directly in the connectors. 


Can some one suggest me any work around or any best possible restricts to imply. 




So let me know if you have any work around or inputs for me on this.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @adithyacs86 ,

In your case, One way is to limit the number of connections can be established to your database. You will have to change configuration of your database server for this. But the drawback of this is if the connections are used by Adobe campaigns pull then the request coming from other applications will fail with maximum connection reached error.

I would suggest your to increase the instance size (CPU/RAM) to overcome this issue.

FDA connection is use to make connection and pull the data. Right now it is not possible to limit the number of connections/reqeusts.



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